Bulletin # 1 2024



National Research Tomsk State University

Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Tomsk State Pedagogical University


Information letter No. 1


Dear colleagues!

On May 16–18, 2024, the next XIX West Siberian Archaeological and Ethnographic Conference (WSAEC), which will celebrate its 54th anniversary in 2024, will be held at the National Research Tomsk State University. The XIX International ZSAEK is dedicated to the 420th anniversary of Tomsk, the 145th anniversary of Tomsk State University, the 300th anniversary of the creation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The idea to hold the conference at Tomsk State University was proposed by V.I. Matyushchenko and was actively supported by the Academicians A.P. Okladnikov and V.N. Chernetsov. The participation of leading scientists, including academicians and doctors of sciences, has contributed to the development of main areas of archeology and ethnography in Western Siberia. Over the years, the conference has grown to encompass a national and international scale, with representatives from scientific centers in Siberia, Russia, and other countries.

Initially focused on archaeology, the WSAEC has become interdisciplinary, including ethnography, linguistics, and paleoanthropology. This interdisciplinary approach has expanded the methodological base and has led to the resolution of a wide range of scientific problems, including methodology and research techniques, cultural and ethnic affiliations of monuments, historical interpretation of sources, traditional societies' way of life and worldview, cultural dynamics over time and space, and the relationship between historical processes and the natural geographical environment.

The 19th WSAEC topic, "Historical Experience of Ethnocultural Development of Northern Eurasia and Adjacent Territories," is highly relevant as it explores the multifaceted and dynamic interactions between different cultures and sociobiological experiences of people. Western Siberia, as the center of Eurasia, has been a hub of interaction between various ethnic groups and cultural traditions throughout history, including the adjacent territories of Northern Eurasia.

The conference tracks will focus on the process of ethnocultural interactions and their specific historical features from the Paleolithic era to the present:

– Sources and methods for studying intercultural and interethnic interactions;

– Migration of peoples and dynamics of ethnocultural changes

– Historical and cultural development of cities in relation to the development of people and their culture;

  • Markers and boundaries in the ethnocultural space of Northern Eurasia and adjacent territories.

The 19th WSAEC will present fundamental and novel results due to the breadth of the source base, methodological techniques, and approaches used to address key issues of interethnic interactions between people of Northern Eurasia and adjacent territories. The conference will also pave the way for future research and discussions in these areas.

The conference will be held in a hybrid format, both on-campus and online participation is available.

To participate in the conference, please register on the website http://zsaek.tsu.ru/user/register before February 20, 2024 (the specified information will be visible only to the site administration) and fill the form with your data (manual is here). Then fill out the application form for participation. This is necessary to collect personal data from all participants for the subsequent preparation of the conference programme.

By March 18, 2024, we ask you to prepare the text of the report (up to 2 pages). The reports will be posted as materials of the 19th WSAEC on the conference website and will have the status of an official electronic publication. Materials are accepted in the author's edition in accordance with the design requirements (Technical requirements for on-line papers), as well as a sample and patterns on the site. After logging into the site using your login and password, the file prepared according to the requirements must be uploaded through the form on the “Submit materials” page

The organizing committee reserves the right to select reports based on the principle of their compliance with the areas of the conference. Please stick to the theme of the 19 WSAEC.

Publication of articles is planned after the conference in the journals “Tomsk State University Journal” (in the international database Web of Science Core Collection) and “Tomsk Journal of Linguistics and Anthropology” (in the Web of Science ESCI), both journal are in the list of leading peer-reviewed publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation. Articles will be accepted for publication based on the recommendation of an expert group consisting of members of the Organizing Committee, the editorial boards, and leading specialists.

Payment for travel and accommodation is at the expense of the sending party.


We will be glad to see you as a participant of the 19th WSAEC!




Organizing Committee