Technical requirements​ for on-line papers

Technical requirements for on-line papers


  1. Paper’s length is up to 2 pages, including illustrations and references.
  2. The material is prepared in the MS WORD text editor and presented in the PDF format (file extension .pdf), typed in Times New Roman font type size 12 single spaced, paragraph indent of the first line – 1,25 cm. All margins (left, right, top, and bottom) are 2 cm. Text alignment on the page is by width.
  3. The name of the author and the title of the work are indicated in the center in bold. Information about the city and place of work of the author of the report, typed in italics, is placed between them.
  4. References in the text are in square brackets, for instance [Smith, 2001, p. 172].
  5. Figures references are by the pattern: (fig. 1/ 2, 3), i.e. firstly is a figure number, next is a slash, then is an italic digit of internal numbering in the figure or table.
  6. The list of references is given at the end of the work in alphabetical order.

For monographs: Messerschmidt D.G. Forschungsreise durch Sibirien 1720–1727. Berlin, 1962.

For articles: Kitova L. Yu., Chindina L.A. V.N. Chernetsov: the Way to Science and Methodological and Methodical Heritage // Tomsk State University Journal of History. 2016. No 4 (42). Pp. 5–11.

For web publications: Короткова З. Глиняные «потешки» из Чернышено // Наука и жизнь. 2006. № 1. URL:

Ремезов С.У. Чертежная книга Сибири. 1701. 26 листов. URL:  


  1. Illustrations, photographs and drawings (resolution of at least 300 dpi) are placed after the main text along with the captions before the list of references. It is allowed to place drawings in 2 columns, if the width of each of them does not exceed 8,5 cm. The figure (table) name is in bold, the internal numbering of the figure or table is on the next line, the internal numbers themselves are in italics, and the transcript is in regular font. Internal numbering is separated by a semicolon ( ; ). The dot is not placed after the drawing's title. Alignment is center.


The paper pattern can be taken here